Businesses Overview

System Sales encompasses Orbital’s alternative fuel systems with the recently launched Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) engines and systems.

Alternative Fuels offer lower cost to the operator, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fuel security compared to today's crude oil based fuels.

Orbital's commercial activity in the Alternative Fuel systems market is the supply of Liquid LPG systems via Orbital Autogas Systems (OAGS), and LPG aftermarket systems in general via Sprint Gas Australia. The UAS engines combine Orbital’s FlexDITM systems with in-house 2-stroke engine design and build expertise to produce a light weight and reliable spark ignition engine that can operate on the heavier fuels such as kerosene.


Orbital Consulting Services offer the full range of engineering services from the provision of testing facilities through to complete turnkey solutions for your powertrain and engineering needs.

Orbital specialises in: Embedded and Engine Management and Control Systems, Design, CAD/CAM and Numerical Analyses, Engine and Vehicle Testing, product development and Certification, Data acquisition/monitoring and Rapid Prototyping.

Synerject LLC is a Joint Venture of Continental and the Orbital Corporation.It was originally chartered to provide the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Marine, Motorcycle and Recreation industries with gasoline engine management systems and components integrating the products and technologies designed and produced by its parent companies. It has since expanded to other, non automotive, small gasoline engine applications such as those of the Lawn and Garden and Industrial markets. 

Synerject is the largest independent non-auto EMS supplier in the world, with a strong presence in USA, China, Taiwan, France and India.

Orbital earns licensing and royalty from production using its FlexDITM systems and technology. The royalty bearing products today are in the marine, recreational and scooter/motorcycle markets.

Since the first product was introduced in 1996 by Mercury Marine, there are now some 650,000 products in the field.